Race Backgrounds

Dragonborn- Hailing originally from their desert home BanByLon. Centuries ago they amassed an empire spanning half of the surface only to crumble for reasons lost to the vast sands of time and their homeland. Centuries later they hail from nomadic tribes and often hired as mercenary shock troops or driven out territories, treated as uncultured barbarians. Those Clans that trace their lineage back to the nobles of the By Lon Empire whisper legends that a future king shall born among them and they will unite the fractured clans and they will build a new golden kingdom. 

Major Clans and locations.​​​​​​

  • Drak: Claiming their line descends from the exiled prince. This clan ruled by a warrior elite have taken back the city of BanByLon in the BlackSand Desert.
  • Runstgar: A clan of thieves, thugs and merchents selling everything from their services, to slaves to "miracle cures". those of the Runstgar tribe have forsaken the honor of their proud ancestors and are found traveling.
  • Zu: The Zu clan are responsible for the reputation of dragonborn being barbarians as well as their use as shocktroops. after being driven from their homes those to the Zu found sanctuary in the surface dwarf mercenary companies and have learned the skills of the Dwarven Berserker. Unless they are on a warpath they are found in the stronghold of Choinneail Fearg in the Dragon's Throat Mountains.

Dwarf: Dwarven society is spit in two halves those who live in the grand kingdoms below and the exiles of the surface. Those of who live amongst the stones of their ancestors are all members of a strict caste system with no hope of ever rising above the station they inherited from their same sex parent. The Warrior Caste are the only caste that can leave for the surface and be welcomed home but only when a surface war threatens even them. Those that leave or are exhiled may never return to their stone homes.
Surface Dwarfs know a freedom their stone kin may never know. these exiles are born free of the castes and may seek their fortunes and travel as they see fit.

Notable Stone Clans:

  • Aduce: Warrior Caste these elite soldiers are the first line of defense in most dwarf cities. they have gained a reputation as experts of fighting in the underdark, Many drow quake with rage and fear at the mere sight of their battle standard.
  • Mordkin: Priest caste these scholars record their history in the Living Stone. they are personal priests to the Thanes.
  • Silvermint: the richest of the merchant caste it is these dwarves to set the standard for the value of gold and goods.

Surface families:

  • Steel Hammer:  The first to leave the stone, this family is responsible for the dwarven strongholds on the surface. 
  • Fortone: the finest craftsmen among the exiles took the name Fortone it acts more as a guild than a close family, any trade hub likely hosts several of the Fortone. To those of the stone refer to the Fortone as the "second sons" as many in their number are second sons who would inherent nothing and the gold and sweat of their brow to the heads of their families, they left not for greed but for the freedom.
  • Onyx Rose: these once noble warriors were the first exiled, victims of a game of politics between two noble caste. Before their departure they slaughtered both houses. They are the ones who birthed the berserker fighting style and it is often said that one of their warriors without armor or aid is worth ten soldiers.
  • Rend: The Rend are nomads that toil under the sun and the moon, they travel all their lives looking for a home. the rend is not so much a family but a group of outcasts. when those of the Rend were exiled they believed that it was a curse from Moridin and seek pentance for their sin what ever that may have been.



Race Backgrounds

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